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New Burke
A woman stands with hands up and out as she is brushed with a cedar branch

Tribal leaders returned to the Burke to offer a second cedar brushing ceremony as we near the end of the move.

Seated paleontologist working on a T. rex skull

Burke Museum paleontologists continue work on the rare T. rex skull, recently finding that all jaw and skull bones are there.

The large pivoting window wall fully open with a group of people standing below for scale

The Burke Museum’s pivoting window wall is a massive, human-powered architectural feature that will open the café space to the outdoors.

They've made many trips to the Burke Museum to see the T. rex this past year and formed a special friendship with the fossil preparators along the way.

The New BURKE sign with a missing U and banner next to it that says "All we need is U"

Where is the missing “U”? We’re so glad you asked!

Two men on a lift move the letter E onto the new Burke Museum sign

The first of two new signs was installed at the New Burke earlier today!

Julie Stein (left), Richard Olmstead (middle) and David Giblin hold the madrone specimen—the first object to be moved into the New Burke.

A specimen from a tree that once stood on the site of the new Burke Museum is the first object to be moved into the new building.

Drawing of the welcome figure that will welcome visitors to the New Burke

The Burke Museum has commissioned a Coast Salish art piece for the lobby of the New Burke.

Less than two years later after the New Burke’s official groundbreaking, construction on the New Burke building is complete! 

Some of the baby plants being installed at the New Burke.

Thousands of native Northwest plants are going in on the north, west and south sides of the New Burke.

The rooftop skylight brings in natural light into the New Burke, from top to bottom.

The New Burke is coming together, with gorgeous skylights illuminating progress on the interior of the building.

Tribal elders from across Washington offered a cedar brushing ceremony to acknowledge the commitment of the Burke community during the move to the new facility.


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