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Documenting the biodiversity of an important group of animals—one shell at a time. 

The Malacology Collection includes more than 75,000 specimen lots.

DeVries Peruvian research area.

Raked by vigorous winds, with not a blade of grass in sight, Peru’s desert coast looks remarkably different from its past.

Group of shells.

What started as a hobby led to a one-of-a-kind collection of 100,000 shells from all over the world and incredible research potential. 

Specimen in the Malacology collection.

The Burke’s Malacology Collection began thanks to a group of Seattle teenagers back in the 1890s and has grown steadily over the years. 

This summer, the Burke Museum of Natural History and Culture received a generous donation of 100,000 shells representing approximately 24,000 individual species and sub-species.

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