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Read about the Burke's research into what the future holds for spiders and other species in forest areas cleared for logging.

Green Darner Dragonfly specimen

Did you know that the Washington state insect is the Green Darner Dragonfly?

Female specimen of Zodarion rubidum from Gold Bar

Burke volunteers discover two spider families new to Washington state.

Bug out as thousands of specimens, dead and alive, fly, buzz, or crawl to the Burke Museum for Bug Blast, a favorite annual all-ages event.

Live male Pseudophrys lanigera.

Welcome to Washington! How did a spider common in Europe make its way to Seattle? We may never know, but it appears to be here to stay.


Nearly all of the widespread assumptions and "general knowledge" about spiders is false!

A chance encounter on a windy day leads to the discovery of a new spider habitat. 

Acuclavella leonardi specimen

The strangest-looking arachnids found in Washington state according to Rod Crawford.

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