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Bill Holm Center
Screenshot from a black and white film showing Mary Hunt dancing in the 1930 Boas-Kwagiulth Film

A look inside the process of creating the G̱a̱lg̱a̱poła (Working Together) digital book.

On his last trip to the Northwest coast in 1930, noted anthropologist Franz Boas and George Hunt created audio and film recordings of crafts, games, and dancing in the Kwag’uł village of Tsaxis (Fort Rupert), British Columbia.

Black and white photo of a woman dancing the "feather dance" in Franz Boas 1930 film

A collaborative project to reunite existing archival media from far-flung institutions into a new digital whole, shaped by and integrated with active cultural knowledge by Kwag’uł contributors.

Tyson Simmons (Muckleshoot), Dusty Humphries (Jamestown S'Klallam/Makah), Brian Perry (Port Gamble S'Klallam) study objects in the Burke Museum collections during their 2016-17 Visiting Researcher Grant visit.

Visiting researcher Tyson Simmons teamed up with the Bill Holm Center to host a tool-making workshop.

A young man holds up a basket as a small child peers at the underside

The Bill Holm Center recently brought museum objects and shared object-handling knowledge at a two-day basketry workshop.

Shovelnose canoes once again journey the Columbia River

A groundbreaking project to reestablish traditional dugout canoe culture among their five Inland Northwest member tribes.

Dr. Kathryn Bunn-Marcuse, Curator of Northwest Native Art

The Burke Museum is pleased to welcome Dr. Kathryn Bunn-Marcuse as the new Curator of Northwest Native Art.

Tsimshian artist David A. Boxley’s journey to replicate a feast dish in the Burke Museum collection.

Noted 19th century Haida carver Charles Edenshaw with the chest.

“As I was carving this chest front I felt like I was reconnecting with my ancestor.” – Christian White, Bill Holm Center grant recipient.

Kéet Ooxú (Killer Whale Teeth) (left, far right): Shgen George, Tlingit, 2014

Connections to older artworks often provide the spark that keeps Native artists inspired in today's growing art scene. 


Video from the Burke Museum's ArtTalk Symposium: Conversations on Northwest Native Art on March 27-28, 2015.

The updated 50th anniversary edition of Bill Holm’s definitive book on northern Northwest Coast art.


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