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Scorpion illustration

"Arachnid" doesn't just mean spider. The 11 arachnid orders include scorpions, ticks, etc.; spiders are just 1 order of class Arachnida.

Shamrock spiders

No, you don't identify spiders by "markings." Color patterns are variable within same species, similar between different species.

Spider illustration

Are spiders insects? No, they're arachnids, as different from insects as birds are from fish!


Nearly all of the widespread assumptions and "general knowledge" about spiders is false!

Jumping spider, Cosmophasis bitaeniata.

Collector and photographer Bob Thomson’s affinity for spiders had a lasting impact on the Burke’s collections.

A chance encounter on a windy day leads to the discovery of a new spider habitat. 

Acuclavella leonardi specimen

The strangest-looking arachnids found in Washington state according to Rod Crawford.

Map of range

Every spider species has limits to its range; every place has a limited list of spiders that live there.


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