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1930 Boas Kwagiulth Film
A woman stands with hands up and out as she is brushed with a cedar branch

Tribal leaders returned to the Burke to offer a second cedar brushing ceremony as we near the end of the move.

Smithsonian scientists name a new species of fossil whale from the Burke Museum collection after Burke Curator Dr. Elizabeth Nesbitt.

Burke Museum and University of Washington botanists have created a much-needed second edition of the Flora of the Pacific Northwest.

Groups of young people look at objects in the Pacific Voices gallery

When the current Burke Museum facility closes at the end of the year, there will be silence for the first time in the Pacific Voices gallery.

A family with nets in a fast-moving river

Teaching about cultures and complex histories can be challenging, but can also provide meaningful opportunities for reflection.

Female scuba diver smiling at the camera under the sea

Katherine Maslenikov, Collections Manager for the Burke's Ichthyology Collection, helps with underwater fieldwork in Roatan, Honduras.

Seated paleontologist working on a T. rex skull

Burke Museum paleontologists continue work on the rare T. rex skull, recently finding that all jaw and skull bones are there.

Moving an orca sculpture with a fork lift.

If you’ve been to the museum or walked by the main entrance lately, you may have noticed some changes to the outdoor art.

Group of paleontologists posing for a photo

In search for answers to the most colossal extinction on earth, Dr. Brandoon Peecok and his team travel to Zambia to collect fossils.

Archaeologists find the earliest use of nutmeg as a food ingredient and evidence of the transition to early farming practices in Indonesia.

Scientists have quantified the vast number of fossils that sit unstudied in natural history collections—a project three years in the making.

A green and white button blanket featuring the Burke logo and an eagle breaking free of chains

Members of the Native American Cultural Group at the Washington State Reformatory Unit in Monroe recently created a very special button blanket for the Museum.


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