New Burke: We've got the power!

November 29, 2017
Burke Museum

The New Burke exterior building is nearly complete.
Photo: Burke Museum

We’ve connected the power in the New Burke! This is a move from a temporary power supply to the permanent power that will be on in the New Burke. We’re one step closer to finishing the new museum.

The building is now fully enclosed—all walls and windows are up and the roof is installed—just in time for the rainy season to begin. In fact, construction of the New Burke building is now 90% complete! Check out the beautiful close-up views showing off the building’s enclosure. As an added bonus, we captured some jaw-dropping shots of the Seattle skyline on a gorgeous Fall day!

Inside, we're starting to paint and bring furniture into our labs and collections storage spaces. In the New Burke, collections will be stored in large cases that sit atop rails. These are called compactors and were invented by librarians—they save space by eliminating the permanent aisles between each row of shelves. Collection managers move the compactors back and forth to access the objects they need.

Crews have started to paint the interior. 
Photo: Burke Museum

Furniture is starting to arrive in the labs and will soon be put into place.
Photo: Burke Museum

A group tours the paleontology gallery on the top floor. 
Photo: Burke Museum

Rails for the collections compact shelving units are placed into the floors.
Photo: Burke Museum

Burke Museum Executive Director Julie K. Stein gives a hard hat tour.
Photo: Burke Museum

Similar to the “inside-out” vision for the New Burke experience, we hope to provide a glimpse into the two-year construction of the New Burke Museum. Visit the New Burke Project page for answers to common questions about the project.

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