Fall brings change to the New Burke

October 18, 2017
Burke Museum

Fall is officially upon us at the New Burke construction site! As the leaves on the surrounding trees change from vibrant green to shades of red, orange, yellow, and brown, the exterior of the building is nearly fully enclosed, and... changing color?

Yes! The eco-friendly wood composite siding (called Kebony) is a rich brown color when first applied, but as it gradually fades to a silver gray as it weathers.

In this most recent time-lapse video, watch as the siding continues to go up and the exterior elevator used by construction crews comes down (an interior elevator is up and running).

We're so close to completing the exterior of the New Burke—just in time for the crisp fall mornings and evenings to really kick in. 


Similar to the “inside-out” vision for the New Burke experience, we hope to provide a glimpse into the two-year construction of the New Burke Museum. Visit the New Burke Project page for answers to common questions about the project. The Burke Museum is open during construction of the New Burke! Plan your visit today. 

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