Native American Heritage Month

Each and every day, the Burke cares for collections and collaborates with people and communities from cultures near and far. As the Washington State Museum of Natural History and Culture, we respect and welcome diverse communities and points of view. 

November is the national Native American Heritage Month—a wonderful opportunity to highlight and celebrate the heritage of Native peoples in our state, region and country. The Burke sits on Indigenous lands and recognizes the government-to-government nature of our relationship with sovereign nations.

From retracing traditional Native foods of the Puget Sound Coast Salish peoples, to supporting Plateau tribes in eastern Washington as they revitalize a traditional and ancestral dugout canoe culture in the region, to working alongside the Sugpiat peoples to restore traditional knowledge while rebuilding an ancient boat once integral to their culture—we celebrate the opportunity to promote respect for culture, generate new knowledge, and inspire people to value their connection with all life. 

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