The Heart of the Museum

2017 Report to the Community

Our 2017 Report to the Community shares highlights from the year, and debuts the Burke Museum's new mission statement: 
The Burke Museum cares for and shares natural and cultural collections so all people can learn, be inspired, generate knowledge, feel joy, and heal.

Updating the mission statement was inspired by the New Burke, opening in 2019. The New Burke is more than just a building: it represents a new dedication to transparency and community involvement, connecting people to the research, science and stories we need to understand changes in the world—and how to make positive changes in the future.
Bringing the New Burke to life will require shifts in nearly every aspect of the museum—including the mission statement. The new mission statement reaffirms the Burke’s role as the steward of the Washington state collections of natural history and culture. Mostly importantly, it reflects our commitment to sharing the collections so they can have a positive impact on people’s lives.
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