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Three researchers look at bat

A Burke research team recently surveyed fruit bats living on the small island of Grenada.

Curator Sven Haakanson demonstrates how to throw an atlatl to a young visitor

Take a peek behind the scenes at the Burke in these photos from our annual Behind-the-Scenes Night. 

Watercolor rendering of the New Burke exterior view looking west.

The University of Washington’s Board of Regents formally approved our plans to break ground on the New Burke.

Denny Hill regrade in 1910

We live in a landscape filled with amazing stories, whether it’s 3.5-billion-year old building stone, glacial-carved hills, or sinking sidewalks. 

girl dissecting brain in tray

The middle school Girls in Science team got a hands-on look at how the brain functions by experiencing illusions. 

Burke paleontologists collected the partial skull of what's likely a Columbian mammoth after it was found along an eroded bluff near Sequim.

seal fossil

What can the fossil record tell us about how seals and sea lions evolved into the animals they are today?

researcher measuring skull fossil

Researchers are turning to the Burke’s collection of fossil baleen whales from the Pacific Northwest to better understand how the largest creatures on earth evolved.

Live male Pseudophrys lanigera.

Welcome to Washington! How did a spider common in Europe make its way to Seattle? We may never know, but it appears to be here to stay.

Seahawks Super Bowl rally in 2015

We've had quite the year at the Burke Museum—from the discovery of Washington's first dinosaur to a Seahawks Super Bowl rally! Take a look back at a few of the highlights from 2015.

American Avocet egg clutch

A study of the seasonal environmental changes influencing when Washington state birds breed and how many eggs they lay.


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