Anna Hoover, UW undergraduate art student, working on the Bill Holm Center's Digital Imaging Project, May 2005.


The Ethnology department of the Burke Museum has made images of its Northwest Coast (and other ethnology collections) available online, and we encourage researchers to access this resource.

In addition, the Bill Holm Center houses more than 25,000 35mm slides of Northwest Coast Native art taken by Bill Holm and Robin K. Wright at over 200 museums and private collections world wide. In 1996 these images were published on an analog videodisk along with a 600-page catalog listing the frame numbers with museum, tribal attribution, and object descriptions. These videodisks are still available, and can be ordered from the Bill Holm Center for $75 plus tax and shipping.

We are currently seeking permission from the participating museums to post digitized images of the Holm/Wright slides on our Web site, and as permission is received, these images will be added to our on-line database.

This digital imaging project has been partially funded by the Quest for Truth Foundation.