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This analog videodisk with 25,000 images from the research slide collections of Bill Holm and Robin K. Wright, Northwest Coast and Plateau Indian art from over 180 museums and several private collections, is one of the largest visual records of Northwest Regional Indian art in the world. It is accompanied by a 600-page printed catalog of the slide information accessed by video frame number and organized by object type. This is a non-profit research project funded by grants from the Ford Foundation.

This is an analog (not digital) videodisk [it is not a CD-ROM], and so does not require a computer to use it. All you need in order to play the videodisk is a laserdisk player capable of playing a 12" videodisk, and a remote control that can access individual frame numbers. The Pioneer brand works well, but any brand of laser videodisk player will work, when attached to a TV monitor that is capable of having a "NTSC" hookup, and compatible with North American standards.

Order one here: Northwest Native Art Videodisk

Pacific Northwest Native American Art in Museums and Private Collections: The Bill Holm and Robin K. Wright Slide Collections