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Professional Services

In its capacity as the Washington State Museum and an approved archaeological repository, the Burke Museum provides curation and storage services to government agencies and Native American tribes. These Held-in-Trust collections are housed at the Burke Museum; however control of these collections is retained by the contracting agency. Our Curation Brochure has additional information. 

The Burke Museum Archaeology Department has over 2000 ft3 of storage available for Held-in-Trust collections. We provide curation services and facilities in accordance with “The Curation of Federally Owned and Administered Archaeological Collections” (36 CFR Part 79) and National Park Service standards to ensure the long-term preservation and usefulness of these collections. The Burke Museum provides access to these collections for qualified researchers in accordance with our contractual agreements. To download a list of select collections click here.

If you need to request curation services to fulfill the curation requirement required to obtain a State permit, please complete the Curation Request Form and submit via e-mail. Please visit our Frequently Asked Questions and Fees pages if you have questions or would like additional information. Additional details on requirements for preparation of collections to be curated at the Burke Museum can be found in our Curation Guidelines

Systematically collected archaeological collections excavated prior to 1990 may be eligible for curation fee exemptions under our Collection Amnesty Program. Follow this link for more information. 


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Curation Brochure
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Curation Guidelines

If you are unable to find an answer to your question online or want to speak further about our services, please contact our staff. 

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