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The Archaeology Department at the Burke Museum is committed to providing educational opportunities to both the University of Washington community and the public. Our educational programs include traveling study collections, Burke Museum educational tours, and numerous public and member events detailed below. To learn more about what Archaeology is and what the Burke Archaeology department does visit What is Archaeology?

Education Programs

Traveling Study Collections
Traveling study collections focus on what archaeologists do, how they solve problems, the scientific method, and why artifacts are culturally important. Although primarily intended for classroom use in grades K-12, they are also flexible enough to use in University classrooms and adult programs. Each kit contains hands-on curricula, teaching materials, and background information. They can be rented on a weekly basis for a small fee by contacting the Education Department at 206-543-5591 or e-mail at burked@u.washington.edu.

Burke Museum Education Tours
School groups can contact the Education Division for visits that combine in-house tours with the archaeology teaching kits by e-mailing burked@u.washington.edu.

Public & Member Events
The Archaeology Division runs a number of Annual events for the public. See the Events page for dates and locations of upcoming events.

Archaeology Day is held annually in October as part of the State of Washington’s Annual Archaeology Month. To learn more about the other events held during Archaeology Month visit the Department of Archaeology and Historic Preservation

Artifact Identification Day is held annually in the winter and is a museum wide program that gathers experts to help the public learn about their artifacts. See the Events page to learn when the next Artifact Identification Day will be held.

Behind-the-Scenes Night is a members-only event that allows the public to get a glimpse into the research collections that are usually closed to the public. Learn more about this event and how to become a member of the Burke Museum on the Membership page.

West Point Education Kit.
Cutting salmon with stone tools at Archaeology Day.
Stone spear point at Artifact Identification Day.

Archaeology Web Exhibits


Explore Seattle's dramatically changing landscapes in this compelling web exhibit.

Re-discovering Ancient Basketry

The Biderbost baskets began their lives nearly 2,000 years ago near the Snoqualmie River. Follow their story here.

The Archaeology of Seattle’s West Point

This award-winning Web exhibit tells the story of a remarkable archaeological find and the people who lived in Seattle's Discovery Park 4,000 years ago.

Kennewick Man

Find out what has been learned from the remains popularly known as "Kennewick Man" and find links to resources.

Salish Bounty

Explore traditional Native American Foods of Puget Sound and how food is the essence of culture.