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Are you searching for museum collections from specific archaeological sites? This geographic database will help you find archaeological collections held at the Burke Museum based on the location of the archaeological site from which they were excavated. It includes materials held at the Burke Museum from Washington State sites and others from around the world, and includes both Burke-owned and held-in-trust collections. Use this interface to get summary information about our collections, such as material types, relative size of the collection, and other information. 

Because archaeological site locations are sensitive, we have not pinpointed actual location of sites on this map. Instead, we have used nearby cities (county seats or capitals) to "locate" sites on the map and give an approximate geographic reference point. We can provide more precise site location information to qualified researchers upon request.

If you would like more information about collections of interest you have identified on this website, or if you have corrections or comments about this database, please contact Laura Phillips, Archaeology Collections Manager.

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