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International Repatriation

Notice of Intent to Repatriate Native American Human Remains

Notice is hereby given of the intent to repatriate human remains in the possession of the Burke Museum removed from Denny Island, British Columbia.

The human remains represent one individual and were removed from Denny Island in 1938 by Philip Drucker. The Heiltsuk First Nation, formerly known as Bella Bella, is the First Nations group living near Denny Island today. No known individuals have been identified. No funerary objects are present.

Officials of the Burke Museum have determined that the human remains listed above represent the physical remains of one individual of Native American ancestry and that there is a relationship of shared group identity which can be reasonably traced between these Native American human remains and the Heiltsuk First Nation. The Heiltsuk First Nation have issued a Band Council Resolution to repatriate these remains for reburial.

Representatives of any other First Nations group that believes itself to be culturally affiliated with these human remains should contact Peter Lape, Curator of Archaeology, Burke Museum, University of Washington, Box 353010; Seattle, WA 98195, telephone (206)685-3849. Repatriation of the human remains to the Heiltsuk First Nation may begin after April 30, 2013.