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Support the Archaeology Endowment

The Archaeology Endowment at the Burke Museum was founded with an initial donation from one of our greatest supporters, Dr. Harold Bergen. The endowment makes possible continued curation of collections, and the many public programs offered by the Archaeology Department.

We need your help to fund:

  • Archaeology Public Outreach Program (APOP)
  • Photography
  • Student Assistants
  • New Equipment
  • Conservation
  • Artifact Analysis


Tax-Deductible Contributions can be made to The Archaeology Endowment at the Burke Museum:

Check payable to:

University of Washington
Memo line: Burke Archaeology
Box 353010
Seattle, WA 98195-3010

An Endowment Success Story

The Burke mummy was a popular exhibit at the museum for many years but was disintegrating due to the difference between the Egyptian and Pacific Northwest climates. Generous donations from many of our key supporters enabled the Archaeology Lab to create appropriate storage for both the mummy and coffin.

The efforts to conserve our mummy have been a success; however they would not have been possible without public support.