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Arachnology is the study of spiders and other Arachnida. Within these pages, you can learn more about the Burke's terrestrial invertebrates division, its collections, and the ever-popular "Spider Myths".

The collection at the Burke Museum includes 150,000 spiders, as well as other terrestrial invertebrates such as 37,000 butterflies and moths, and some 250,000 additional specimens including worms, cave fauna, scorpions, and a very small flea collection.


Rod Crawford
Curatorial Associate of Arachnids
Phone: 206-543-9853

Jumping spider
Jumping spider, Cosmophasis rubra, photographed in Edmonton, Queensland, Australia in 1974.
Photo by Bob Thomson

Featured in Arachnology

Spider Myths

Myths, misconceptions, and superstitions. Test your own "Spider IQ."

Spiders of Washington

An annotated checklist of the spiders of Washington.

If you can't find the answer to your question in Spider Myths, you can ask Seattle's expert on Pacific Northwest spiders using the online question form.

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Header image: Tetragnatha laboriosa by Lynette Schimming.